STATION VII: La Luz Beach Resort


Laiya, Batangas

A free trip from a good friend provides me a privilege to enjoy a  24 hours beach life in the south. This was a surprise invitation and i’m very excited!!

We traveled like 2-3 hours without a good sleep. Its was very exhausting as well since it already afternoon and we haven’t eat. But despite of it a good thing happened, we arrived on time for the second batch of buffet lunch. (perfect!) food ready is ready and so are we.


buffet lunch

They served Filipino dishes, complete set til dessert.


We straight to our room right after,  fix our self and enjoy the coziness of it.


It was relaxing seeing the beach view through our window. Clear waters and white pebbles on the shore is helps me to forget the city life. The island was isolated and according to them on weekday you can almost own the whole resort.

I walked outside and feel the air,hearing the waters crushing to the rocks and get bond with the sun. There is big spot on the most edge of the island where beautiful rock formation is located.

beach bed



They offer many water activities, but we just want to relax after a hard day. We swim and play volleyball. Tiresome but satisfying.


le beau

At night we enjoyed the bar area. They serve local bears and even create your own drinks. The bar was made out of bamboos and it was very tempting to just stay and have a good conversation with somebody. Very relaxing after a long week of work.



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