Bagong Kalsada, Los Baňos Laguna.

Laresio Resort is commonly known as alligator lake. Its mistakenly identified to habitat a croc, but there no such the name of the lake was derived to its natural form. The resort was situated along the coast of the biggest lake in the country the Laguna lake.

The Resort was isolated from locals and no one is allowed to fish in the lake unless with the approval of the resort management.


With its freedom I got my paddle and hit a kayak. I solely went out and paddle around the lake. With its calm water and fresh air, I feel so relaxed. Just to admit I have fear of waters but this place give me such courage to do things on my own. Well it just my first step. Im afraid to get drown so… steady and slowly I sail!  and end up Successful!



Another thing went to try is cross the lake by using a bamboo raft. It wasnt my first, but using this raft makes its much difficult because of its size. Since the raft was rushing against the water. I was super slow… that moment I get the chance to take little sight on the middle of the lake. The water is clean but its a little bit cloudy. All fishes big and small are just playing around me  while i cruise. And watching the view was very amazing.
Laresio Resort also offers beyond it natural beauty.

bamboo raft

Bamboo Rafting

They also have in house restaurant, you can order foods with your request. And eat outside under the lush trees. very refreshing!



At night, you can watch movie big screen while having a dip in the pool. Sounds cool right. Yellow lights also adds a dramatic ambiance, very soothing


New exciting activities that young and young at heart will engage much. Water sports is in nowadays and if you really much in too it. Then its the best place for you.




Here is the list you should try!

  • 13 feet Cliff Dive
  • 32 feet Cliff Dive
  • Slip n Fly
  • Slip n Dip
  • Blob (Jump n Fly)
  • Vine Swing
  • Kayaking
  • Balsa Rafting
  • Stand up Paddle Board
  • Aqua Cycle
  • Lake Fishing
  • Rapelling

wall climbing

They are still upgrading and more activities awaits you as time goes on.

Check there promos at



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