STATION III: The San Sebastian Cathedral

Lipa City, Batangas

The Metropoliotan Cathedral of San Sebastian also known as Lipa Cathedral was located at the heart of the city.




The church will welcomes you with it Jubillee Carved Door and golden arches. Big pillars holds the church and accented with a red carpet long isle. It so grandeur in every angle, with its dim surroundings you can feel solemnity inside.


I was astounded as i start to lit my candles and as it slowly reveals a big mural behind. Depicting the Resurrection of Christ.


Almost all the statues of saints and image are all antique, hands on to every generation and they are really out numbered. Few of them are collections of the native Lipenios and willing to be display at the church hallways. I prefer to take no pictures to respect the local devotees who are silently praying.








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