STATION II: Casa De Segunda

198 Calle Rizal, Lipa City, Batangas

Telephone No. (043) 784-1952
Entrance Fee: P50

Many beautiful old houses in our country were made to stand the test of time. Majority of them were fabricated from coral stones, eggs and good lumber. And these type of houses are called Bahay na Bato.

2017-06-23 06.34.25 2

The ancestral house of the Luz-Katigbak family is one of its example, Casa de Segunda is named after Segunda Solis Katigbak, widely regarded as the first love of national hero Jose Rizal.

2017-07-15 05.45.12 1

Chess Table used by Rizal during his visit at Katigbaks Residence.

2017-06-23 06.38.39 2


This house showcases how a Lipenios live during the Spanish era and withstand the destruction of city during war time. Adorned with carved wood and beams, the Casa remains to be symbol of Lipa’s unique characteristic. Sacks of coffee bean can be seen on some areas which Lipa is known for. Floor were covered with bricks and other are painted with black and white patterns that adds modernity in the classic house.

2017-06-23 06.34.26 4

2017-06-23 06.34.22 2

Some parts of the house remains to be a working space until today. It was amazing how it was preserved to its natural state. Having a time alone inside the house make me feel that it was not a museum at all. Its a Home, build with unconditional love.

2017-07-13 07.31.21 1

2017-06-23 06.34.24 3

2017-06-25 06.36.17 2



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