STATION I: Marian Orchard

Location : Balate, Batangas

Not too far away from Lipa City, approx 20-30mins from town proper. You can have a space to breath, relax, and concentrate with our spiritual needs.

2017-06-24 03.52.56 2

The vast garden offer a great place to meditate and  draw closer to God. An entrance fee of 50.00 pesos is more than enough to satisfy your heart and soul.

2017-06-25 06.36.18 2


2017-06-24 03.54.04 2

The whole area was still under construction but the experience was still worth satisfying. The European architectural inspired religious statue, chapels and others gives a roman era vibe. it was really overwhelming to see how it is today and how it will become once the constructions is completed.

2017-06-24 03.54.03 2


2017-06-24 03.52.56 2

Regular mass is observed during weekends, so it was perfect me travel on a weekday to have a little sole time. I embraced the good weather and appreciate the view.

2017-06-21 08.53.42 2

2017-06-21 12.55.56 2



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