Antipolo City, Philippines

The eastern part of Manila looks to have its own way to attract urban citizens to rest. With a good elevation on the slope of Sierra Mountain Range. Lush canopy trees covers the vast area brings a refreshing vibe and upgraded wide roads bring accessibility to everyone. The green city provides a good panoramic view of manila with a favorable weather during the night which you will enjoy.
Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage

Known for its pilgrimage site during the lent. Many devotees across the Philippines believes in miraculous saint. The holly relic of the Birhen of Antipolo was displayed at the main altar. Countless believers attends to every celebration and a standing room is always expected. Since there no enough sitting space, still people remain patient and take turns to celebrate the holy obligation. As every mass ends, priest invites everyone to see up-close to the altar. The presence of the holy mary blessed us by our faith. As we exit to its crafted wooden doors, large number are still coming to attend the next mass. Many also believe that having there new cars blessed will ensure the safety of the cars and its passengers.

Hinulugang Taktak


This famous water falls a already a landmark in Rizal Province. With clear waters and breath taking view it was now considered as a National Park. With its large area, family picnic was very advisable. For only 30.00 pesos you can maximize your time with family and friends. They also have two swimming pool and ample of cottages to stay in.

Cristina Villa Mountain View Resort

If your going to extend your Antipolo trip, a good way is to relax in a beautiful resort like Christina Villas. They offer rooms and cottages for a very cheap price. Locals prefers this resorts for its well maintained facilities and very clean environment. Different pools surrounds the whole area, they also have Jacuzzi and massage pools. Some pools also situated on top of the mountain where you can relaxed and feel the nature as well. For karaoke lovers, they also have videoke booth to rent for 300per hour that is good for 10to15person, charge 150pesos in every extending hours. Grilling is allowed, so bring your fresh catch and cook for your convenience. Entrance fee for the resort cost 190.00pesos.

Tayo na sa Antipolo!! (Lets go to Antipolo) as the old song goes.. and experience nature trip in short time possible.



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