STATION IV: Breakout Philippines

Breakout Philippines
Paragon Plaza, Mandaluyong,Manila
A thrilling experience to wake up our senses. This is our very first time to play an interactive game and we are lucky enough to play it on weekday since they offer it on a discounted price. So we took the challenge of playing it. We went on a enclosed area for small briefing of what’s going to happen and what are the dos and donts. The aim of the game is to solve puzzle by group and scape within the 45mins game time. After it we immerse our self and choose ROOM 13 which is the most famous escape room.


We entered the room blind folded, seeing nothing but darkness. A recorded audio was played, providing us some ideas behind. Sadly the audio sounds poor so we started the game clueless. We search on things…. Even things that was beyond the imagination. We search all over almost everything inside, solving some puzzles and mind breaking strategies. It was a bit challenging and frustrating. The good thing on this is we learn to know each other during difficult times. And always remind each other not to freak out and cheer up to find more clues.

We almost made out with only one door left. However We failed to be listed as the Living Legends. (Those are the once to successfully done within the given time.) However, its not bad since we accomplished 85%.




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