STATION IX: Samal Island

Destination: Secret Paradise, Samal Island, Davao City

A  paradise 10mins away from the City. Hoping to roll on -roll off ride will turn your simple day to an island getaway. The island was totally unexploited and majority of its visitors were from local and nearby towns. From Sasa Port will not take you longer to get in to this island. The beauty of it was beyond reach. The clear waters glimmers against the sun. And the fresh sea air smells will gives you thrills and excitement.


As you land your feet from the port of samal, barkers will welcome you to offer there resorts. Often they suggest resorts which they have already contracted with. But I prefer the less crowded one. So I rented a motorbike for 100pesos, and travel to Canibad Secret Paradise. The ride will take you 30 to 40mins since it was situated at the back of the island. Its a road that is less taken, so prepare for a bumpy , dirt and dusty ride.

The resort itself was very at peace.. a good place for people who wants to have a privacy away from the hustle and bustle of the city. A good walk on its whites powdery sand that seeps on my feet relaxes my senses as I appreciate the view.
Though the place was not highly improved small cottages and few tables are available. Bringing blankets was also advised if you want to spend less. Low bat? Out of load? Worry no more they have stable electricity and good water supply. Mobile signal was not a challenge at all. They also have a small sari sari to provide your urgent needs.
If you are really for an adventurer you can try there cliff diving. The activity is the best just hanging on the branch on top of a cliff and jump! Children are fond of repeating it and spend a lot of there time doing it. If you just want to explore the island you can rent a boat for 100 pesos and paddle for an hour. Some areas was restricted for fishing. The community have a environmental effort to preserve the coral reefs, one bangkero said that pawikans also hatch eggs in the island during season. Observing Cute Little crabs or hermits play around the sands and leaves caught my attention.

An old cabins adds a great background this desserted island. Big rocks with fossilized shells and corals that serve as breakwall from the gentle waves. And lushes green trees that’s cover the whole island. Trully this place was a secret paradise.



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