Summer with the Twist

The intense temperature really brings out our sweat. Keeping hydrated all the time is a must and having an iced cold refreshment is an strongly advised. Here are some summer treat that truly invites your tastebuds.
An all time Favorite summer goodies was Halo-Halo. Everyone knows how to make this simple dessert. A mix of seasons fruits, beans, crushed iced and milk was a recipe of a very good concoction. This dessert was widely available specially this season. The cheapest will get you for 20.00pesos from your ever reliable Kapitbahay.

Bicols famous Collonials Chili Ice Cream

Ohhh lah..lah..lah… this Hot dessert was a pride of the province. Known for its spicy delicatessen. Bicols offer a challenging dessert not only for your appetite but also to your taste buds. This dessert was made of chilis. You have 3 option for this. Level1-3 from a lighter flare of flavor to the extremes. They also offer other variants such as Pinipig, Rice and Pandan which is a abundant in the area.

Maestro Fideli Iced Blended Coffee
Iced Coffee and frappes still remain a good option. Specially to those coffee lovers. Trying out different mixes will surely elivate your experience. Try do drop by at Maestro Fideli Coffee shop in Laguna.



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