Destination: CEBU CITY

This City was known for its wonderful history and diverse Culture. In fact, many structures remains strongly stand through the years. All surroundings was visually appealing and well educating at the same time. In every walls, Stones, and artifacts the city seems to prove that this was the most livable space to live for.

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As I started my walking tour, I always imagine how it was to be based on our grade school textbooks. I’m ex temporary amazed of every thing I see and learned along the way. How things around me began to have a life of there own. Each things around has a story to tell, that how Cebu to me. It does not enclosed it self from the past but it knows how to sail to future.

The Magellans Cross was the iconic structure in Cebu. Served as the most symbolic spot for the catholic religion where it all began. The Cross itself was astonishing to see, as you look up to the murals above. The paintings on the ceiling reveals how they spread Christianity and baptized the first Filipino settlers.


The Basilica Menor the Sto. Nino was adjacent from the Magellans Cross. It was the oldest catholic church in the country. The church also the serve as a center of pilgrims and celebrations for many devotees. It houses the infant image of Jesus which they called Sto. Nino de Cebu. Every year the feast of Sto. Nino widely known as Sinulog Festival was celebrated. It was considered as the famous festival and a much awaited annual event in the country.


Fort San Pedro

The oldest and the smallest fort in the country. Its distinct triangular shape really impressed me because you can almost see the whole area in every single point. The fort serves as a defense during the Spanish time. Some cannons and artillary can be seen almost everywhere. The stone walls and facade were already been weathered but it gives me more depth to appreciate our history.


Plaza Independencia

Many places in Cebu are built with plaza or a town park. This goes to show how the Spaniards influence us in building a community. The white marker serves as a symbolic landmark in honor of the first governor general Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. Nowadays the park serves as a big venue for street concerts, skater park and most importantly a rest area. Some may do picnics under the old acacia trees.


Seeing this places will surely enrich not only your eyes but also your knowledge and spirituality. The downtown Cebu opens my curiosity on things that are not written on textbooks. Children of these days should appreciates and experience it.



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