Station MMXI: Temple Of Leah

Location: Lahug, Cebu City

One of the picturest spot in the City. Even the place was still on unending construction it still remain to stand out. All tourist local nor foreign will attest that this place is a must see.


The beauty of this place will not only mesmerize your eyes but also capture your heart. Every walls, columns, statues was intricately designed, adding the panoramic view of the city will surely give you a great image on your memory.


Beyond the beauty of the place was the story behind it. This adorable landmark was made possible a native businessman Teodoro Adarna to his deceased wife Leah Villa Albino Adarna. A 9ft tall statue was constructed to be a symbol of his undying love for his wife. That’s seems to prove that the place was truly romantic.


The main fountain was a focal point of the place. Its serves as a welcoming gateway for every guest. Hallway columns made from marbles also add the Roman inspired architecture. Two monstrous lions colored with gold, accents the entry stairway to the temple. Stepping on thick granite floors also shines like mirrors will lead you to the main altar of Mrs. Adarna.


Given that this place was full of Adarna memorials. Many would still make there own scenes by capturing there own versions. Wedding pre nup shoots, debut, photo shoots and even selfies was a common scene every time I visit. Well I see nothing wrong with it.


Entrance fee will only cost 50.00 pesos. The price maybe cheap but the story and the view really exceeds my expectations. I already been here twice, and it always get better every time. I do hope the completion of the landmark will be done soon the next time I visit cebu!


Looking forward for more lovely photographs.


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