Destination: CEBU CITY This City was known for its wonderful history and diverse Culture. In fact, many structures remains strongly stand through the years. All surroundings was visually appealing and well educating at the same time. In every walls, Stones, and artifacts the city seems to prove that this was the most livable space to... Continue Reading →


Station MMXI: Temple Of Leah

Location: Lahug, Cebu City One of the picturest spot in the City. Even the place was still on unending construction it still remain to stand out. All tourist local nor foreign will attest that this place is a must see. The beauty of this place will not only mesmerize your eyes but also capture your... Continue Reading →

Station XIV : Taal Volcano

Location: Talisay,Batangas It was the same day last year, I have experienced a different way of celebrating holy week. A good friend of mine saw an advertisement online, and convinced me to accompany him to this rare kind activity. I was too hesitant at first because it may not be safe to us to travel... Continue Reading →

Get Fueled

My daily healthy probiotic drink. Seems I get used to it for already 3 months now. And for me, I feel good everyday!


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