STATION VII: La Luz Beach Resort

  Laiya, Batangas A free trip from a good friend provides me a privilege to enjoy a  24 hours beach life in the south. This was a surprise invitation and i'm very excited!! We traveled like 2-3 hours without a good sleep. Its was very exhausting as well since it already afternoon and we haven't... Continue Reading →



Bagong Kalsada, Los Baňos Laguna. Laresio Resort is commonly known as alligator lake. Its mistakenly identified to habitat a croc, but there no such the name of the lake was derived to its natural form. The resort was situated along the coast of the biggest lake in the country the Laguna lake. The Resort was... Continue Reading →

STATION V: The Mind Museum

The Mind Museum 3rd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig The Mind Museum in Taguig introduce a better of studying science. Apart of the traditional exhibits, they expose new ideas with the most innovative, interactive, simpler and fun ways. The whole museum was a big complex and connected through a series of hallways and... Continue Reading →

STATION III: The San Sebastian Cathedral

Lipa City, Batangas The Metropoliotan Cathedral of San Sebastian also known as Lipa Cathedral was located at the heart of the city. The church will welcomes you with it Jubillee Carved Door and golden arches. Big pillars holds the church and accented with a red carpet long isle. It so grandeur in... Continue Reading →

STATION IV: Breakout Philippines

Breakout Philippines Paragon Plaza, Mandaluyong,Manila A thrilling experience to wake up our senses. This is our very first time to play an interactive game and we are lucky enough to play it on weekday since they offer it on a discounted price. So we took the challenge of playing it. We went on a enclosed... Continue Reading →

STATION IX: Samal Island

Destination: Secret Paradise, Samal Island, Davao City A  paradise 10mins away from the City. Hoping to roll on -roll off ride will turn your simple day to an island getaway. The island was totally unexploited and majority of its visitors were from local and nearby towns. From Sasa Port will not take you longer to... Continue Reading →

Summer with the Twist

The intense temperature really brings out our sweat. Keeping hydrated all the time is a must and having an iced cold refreshment is an strongly advised. Here are some summer treat that truly invites your tastebuds. An all time Favorite summer goodies was Halo-Halo. Everyone knows how to make this simple dessert. A mix of... Continue Reading →


Destination: CEBU CITY This City was known for its wonderful history and diverse Culture. In fact, many structures remains strongly stand through the years. All surroundings was visually appealing and well educating at the same time. In every walls, Stones, and artifacts the city seems to prove that this was the most livable space to... Continue Reading →

Station MMXI: Temple Of Leah

Location: Lahug, Cebu City One of the picturest spot in the City. Even the place was still on unending construction it still remain to stand out. All tourist local nor foreign will attest that this place is a must see. The beauty of this place will not only mesmerize your eyes but also capture your... Continue Reading →

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